Big Data & Product Analytics

We'll help you create a well-defined data strategy in order to track clear metrics and KPIs so you can always have right business intelligence predictions

Actionable Data Insights

Integrating the data from historical and real-time sources will allow us to analyze and monitor all aspects of your digital solution.

Data Engineering

Data Modeling

Machine Learning

Data Visualization and Analytics

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Data Engineering

This stage involves creating data-driven workflows for orchestrating data movement and transforming data at scale from both internal and external sources. Using services such as Data Factory, we will create and schedule data pipelines that will ingest data from the data sources. After that, we will build ELT/ETL processes to transform data visually with data flows, or by using compute services in Databricks.
  • Stream building
  • Modular horizontal scalability for data ingestion services
  • Secure inter-services communication
  • Data pipeline implementation
  • Integrate master data management
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Data Modeling

In order to perform data modeling or data dictionary design, we always start with the concrete examples. If there are no examples that can be provided from the client's side, our experienced data modelers can work with you to create them.
  • Data modeling from conceptual models using FCO-IM story-based modeling
  • Specifying the fact tables (reality tables) and their corresponding dimensional tables.
  • Develop Business Glossary for the data platform
  • Data Strategy and Implementation
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Machine Learning

Providing Sentimental Analysis, Chatbot training, Sales and Operational forecasting and other insights based on the internal and external data.
  • Prioritize a list of Machine learning/AI use cases that can be used to solve a specific business problem.
  • Evaluate the fit of various machine learning approaches for the identified business use cases.
  • Implement selected machine learning algorithms for the selected business use cases
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Data Visualization and Analytics

We build, integrate and automate real-time, interactive reports and dashboards in order to visualize how users are interacting with your digital assets and which digital touchpoints are really giving value to your business. We can work with any of the tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, Kibana, or build custom visualization for your business needs.
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User journey phases

Data Engineering

Data Preparation

Data Ingestion, Data Granulation, Data Blending, Feature Engineering


Data Discovery, Model Building, Model Validation


Model Maintenance

Dashboard Architecture Design, Visualization Design, Dashboard Implementation and Testing

Tech stack
Azure Synapse Analytics Azure Data Factory Azure Data Lake Storage Azure Databricks Azure HDInsight Azure Cosmos DB Azure Analysis Services Power BI Azure Data Catalog Apache Kafka Apache NiFi Apache Spark Apache Sqoop Apache Flink Apache Flume Apache Hive Apache Impala RASA

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